lonegamer78 (lonegamer78) wrote in rk_fans,

March 20, 2014 film Kyoto-hen Trailer

"Thank you for everything up to now...

"...and, goodbye."

......can I say, THE FEELS?

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The FEELS they are killing me! *flails*
I love it all and can forgive them for damseling Kaoru again. Ah well, if it brings out Battousai, anything goes right?
Here comes the heartbreaking farewell =(
wow, this is really great, thanks!! *BOUNCES*

there is some speculation that i saw that i thought was really well thought out although it could be completely wrong... read it if you want: http://heckyeahruroken.tumblr.com/post/80780370544/hyrkrklaspeculate

using stuff that has been published so far comparing the manga events. i think it's worth a look.